Sunday, 2 June 2013

Heatwave Shoes

I was pretty excited when I realised that HEATWAVE has finally launched its online store. It is one of the few stores that sells Size 4 shoes at a reasonable price that doesn't burn a stupid hole in my pocket. Due to my hetic lifestyle, I seldom get to shop at brick and mortar stores and thus, I am really glad that HEATWAVE has decided to expand its online presence.
However, my excitment soon turns into disappointment when I found out that the site lacks in user experience. How so? Here are my observations:
Register screen is not found under the "Sign in/Register" page
Oh No! Customers who stumbled upon the site would have a hard time trying to find the page to register themselves.
Why? If they click on the Sign in/Register page, there is only a section for existing customers to sign in. And the Help page is not useful at all - there is no mention on how or where new customers should register for an account.
Nonetheless, if you haven't figured out yet. The only way for new customers to register is when they checkout the shoes and the site brings you to the Checkout page.
Buggy Site
If the site navigation is not confusing enough, the Refine by product search doesn't work. I did a check and noted that it is really a basic coding error. Humm...I wonder why didn't the IT department perform rigorous testing before the site even went 'live'?
Contact Us
Lastly, the site lacks a Contact Us form! Or perhaps the site designer feels that it is only best for the customers do so through Facebook? Nonetheless, posting negative feedbacks (such as the ones I have highlighted in this post) on their Facebook is not a good idea if the comments are not screened. A Contact Us form would be more appropriate.
My Take
My shopping experience would be great if it is not marred by these hiccups. In fact, my confidence in the site has dropped a few notches and thus I decided to hold back my online purchase until the site errors are resolved.  


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