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Friday, 23 January 2015

Qoo Review - Karadium VS Peripera Peris Lip Crayons

Karadium Review from Natbuea

Please refer to the short review for the Peripera Peris Lip Crayons in this post

 The delivery from Natbuea took a while by normal post.
 Purchase Date: 17th Jan 2015
Delivery Date: 22nd Jan 2015
Timeliness: 2.5 out of 5 

Remarks: The packages are extremely carefully bubble wrapped in many layers and come in large plastic bags - and I think they are shipped overseas. The lip crayons come in plastic packages. 

My thoughts: 
Worth the purchase will order again if there is another time sale. I ordered lilac pink and apple green. Having compared the shades and packaging from Peripera Peris, I will NOT order from Peripera Peris again due to higher costs and hygiene concerns (they are not in plastic packing).

The similar shades from Natbuea are $1.50 cheaper than Peripera Peris during the time sale at Qoo approximately 2 weeks ago.

I purposely ordered similar shades because I wanted to compare and see if they are indeed the same since these companies seem to get their sources from the same manufacturer.

Lo and behold, the shades from Karadium are  darker and more natural than Peripera. In fact, they are plastic wrapped - a testimony that they are unused and thus more insulated against environmental contamination. After another check with John Little, I am certain that ALL Peripera  cosmetic products are NOT plastic wrapped. Ironic isn't it? Well, I mean isn't this a given practice for all cosmetic products?!

Why Lip Crayons and not Lip Balm?

Nonetheless, in case you are wondering what is the craze on Lip Crayons about?
Lip Crayons are very similar to Lip Balm, except that they come in more intense color and less resistant to fading.

Lip Crayons are also moisturizing but retain the color much better than Lip Balm. However, they are approximately 2.5 times more expensive than mass market Lip Balms from Nivea. Nonetheless, Lip Crayons are still much cheaper than traditional Lip Sticks which cake and dry up lips. Hence, in short Lip Crayons fall somewhere in between Lip Balms and Lip Sticks.

Usage recommendation for Lip Crayons
I would recommend the following routine for long lasting lip color:
First, stain your lips with Lip Tint.
Secondly, Layer on the Lip Crayon.
Lastly, apply your Lip Balm to lock in the moisture!


Friday, 16 January 2015

Qoo Review - Luxe and Lush China Glaze from BeautyParadisekk

Luxe and Lush China Glaze from BeautyParadisekk

 The delivery from BeautyParadisekk took a while by normal post.

Purchase Date: 22nd Dec 2014
Delivery Date: 29th Dec 2014
Timeliness: 2.5 out of 5

Remarks: The packages are extremely carefully bubble wrapped in many layers.

My thoughts:
Worth the purchase at $6.40, will order again. Homeowners can use such product to coat surfaces in DIY home projects.

Image from raelyndawnmakeupartistry

Luxe and Lush China Glaze from the Hunger Games Collection comes in opalescent pink, blue, gold, silver and copper leafing flakes suspended clear base. These add a gorgeous jewel-like effect to any nail polish or home DIY projects.

Once applied, the thickish polish packs on irregularly-shaped, iridescent flakes which glitters in the sunlight. One thin coat already distributes a good amount of the flakes. You can use it over existing polish or colored surfaces.

Images from beautezine


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